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Today is December 17. On this day:
  • 1964: Victor Hess, 1936 Nobel Laureate in Physics, died in Mount Vernon (NY, USA).
  • 1947: Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted, chemist known for Brønsted-Lowry acid-base theory, died in Copenhagen (DEN).
  • 1938: Discovery of nucelar fission by Otto Hahn and Fritz Stratssmann.
  • 1908: William Libby, 1960 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, was born in Grand Valley (CO, USA).
  • 1907: William Thomson aka Lord Kelvin, died in Largs (SCO). The unit of the absolute temperature scale, kelvin, is named after him.
  • 1900: Mary Cartwright, mathematician first to analyze a dynamical system with chaos, was born in Aynho (UK). Her PhD advisor was G.H. Hardy.
  • 1842: Sophus Lie, mathematician know for Lie algebra and Lie groups, was born in Nordfjordeid (NOR).
  • 1797: Joseph Henry, discoverer of self-inductance, was born in Albany (NY, USA).
  • 1778: Humphry Davy, discoverer on many elements, was born in Penzance (UK).
  • 1706: Émilie du Châtelet was born in Paris (FRA). She showed that kinetic energy is proportional to the square of the velocity (instead of being directly proportional). The opera Émilie by Kaija Saariaho is based on Émilie du Châtelet.

Read more: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Thermal Accommodation Coefficients for Time-Resolved Laser-Iuced Incandescence Sizing of Nickel Nanoparticles J. Appl. Phys. B 107, 221-228 (2012)

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