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    1. Malevanets-Kapral method in 2D.
      You need all of the following components:
      • Makefile: makefile
      • Main code meso.f90
      • Random number generator: mt19937.f
      • Simulation parameters: parameters.f90
      • Documentation in PS format:

        • References related to the code:

        • A. Malevanets and R. Kapral, J. Chem. Phys. vol. 110, 8605 (1999)
        • A. Malevanets and R. Kapral, J. Chem. Phys. vol. 112, 7260 (2000)

    2. Basic Lattice Botzmann code.
      You need all of the following components and additionally a random number generator for uniform and Gaussian distributions. The calls in the codes are to ran1 and gasdev, correspondingly. If you have a licence for Numerical Recipes, just plug them (ran1 and gasdev) in and you are in business. Otherwise you can easily substitite with you favorite generators.

    3. Basic 2D Dissipative Particle Dynamics Code:

    4. Phase field code. (to appear soon)
      Code to simulate the rise of liquiq-vapor interface in a capillary tube. The tarred and gzipped package includes examples of a plots and instructions for using the code.

    5. Hybrid simulation of diffusion. (to appear soon)

    More to come!

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    Last updated Oct. 22, 2002